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We are a boutique commercial finance consultants for small businesses. We have deep connections with some of the top niche lenders nationwide… Always and conservatively speaking, we are equipped with 2016 made computer systems that enables us to out-perform other alternative funding partners.

We specialize in providing excellent programs for merchants’ alternative fundings. When banks say “NO”, we find lenders who will say “YES”… 99% of every industry is acceptable for our funding guidelines. We have access to many many different programs.

Our team of underwriters and processors are amongst the best in the industry. They are current employees of the top ten business lenders nationwide. They’re mere presence is to meticulously comb through our clients’ files to generate the very best, and most suitable funding programs…

We work successfully well with business owners by tailored made programs, funding programs that fits their respective profiles and scenarios like a glove. We have niche lenders for 99 % of each industry imaginable. And we carry funding programs tailored made for 99% of each kind of scenario;
Good Credit / Bad Credit, B2B, B2G, Retailers and also Wholesalers. We are all grown folks, who do not get sick days off. Working day and night to aggressively keep our clients happy.

We actually crunch the numbers and aggressively negotiate out your most feasible funding package that makes dollars and sense. We are surrounded by very talented folks who love pouring their heart and soul into the concept of total customer gleeful satisfaction. We have an increased level of education and training. And more importantly, we have lots of experience in the arena of alternative financing for merchants like yourself.

We are conservative in a sense of decency and professionalism. We work diligently towards our clients’ financial happiness and success. We run a tight ship and keep our overhead low as possible, inspite of our office’s elegant location in the middle of Manhattan. Our philosophy, our corporate mission is to respect each client’s wishes and preferences. Our ultimate goal is to attain and keep happy clients, forever happy.

We can always talk about these programs and together, we can explore if these programs are feasible to you and your company. You can feel assured that we at Bonilla Management Faces has a mandate on customer privacy and true confidentiality is our NUMBER ONE RULE. You can feel completely comfortable and reach out to us by email or call us, business funding by clicking here.

About the President and Owner

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Hi folks, I really hope all is well with you, your businesses’ staff/ team and most importantly, your family. This is Gregory Bonilla, I am not running for Presidency of United States ( I pinky swear). However, I am currently & extremely busy running a company whose main mission is to lookout, take care of, and provide a healthy alternative funding and solid leadership to small businesses throughout the United States. First, we’re going to take care of our backyard (United States), then we go global. LOL…
I’m just a simple, everyday’s man. I put on my pants like everyone else, one leg at a time. Go to work, work hard every single day (7 days a week) like most entrepreneurs, like most business owners. My blood is the color of red just like everybody else, and my money spends like everybody else. My cash flows fluctuate just like everybody else.

My background is basically straight forward. Back in 1995, I had graduated with a Bachelors’ Degree in Finance from a very high ranking university, Baruch College. I had held various positions in the Financial Field after graduation, so I surely understand the spoken language and the specialized definitions of this mystical World of Finance. I was even taught how to add calculus backwards while blindfolded, (currently can not remember how). Conservatively speaking, I can assist business owners in obtaining lucrative funding programs that makes economic sense.

I had the luxury of occupying a position in the space of merchant alternative financing’s for a number of years now. After surviving years of the ups and downs, the fluctuations of this wonderful field of cash advances, business term loans, and factorings, I had decided in the best interest of clients’ needs and pleasures to open up my own shop called Bonilla Management Faces, LLC. We offer a numerous of funding programs that cut across vastly different categories, Business Term Loans, Cash Advances, and Invoice Factorings. Each of these previously mentioned category do, indeed require a huge amount of understanding and patience, for the old fashioned and overall happiness of my current and future clients, it’s definitely worth every minute of those extensive studying sessions and those many trainings…

In short, I personally care for our clients’ happiness and success because I am not a hater. I am too an entrepreneur who can relate to the pressures of balancing increased success with decreased failures. I too, wake-up early in the morning, put on my pants one leg at a time, go to my office/work, first person in and usually last person to leave, and go to sleep late in the evening, only to repeat this incredible schedule every day until the indefinite future. Thus the saying, “New York City is the City With No Sleep”. I am a true bearer of that statement and my company also shares that same exact sentiment. Yes, in this regard, I truly do like and believe in our “New York Values” only those values that’s fully illustrated by the Legendary Frank Sinatra’s song “ New York, New York ”….

My background and tomorrow vision, and today’s position

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